Saturday, October 9, 2010

4 years and counting....

On Thursday, Jeremy and I celebrated the end of our 4th year of marriage, and the start to year number 5. What a trhilling year it has been! In the last 365 days, we've celebrated another holiday season, we've run races at our personal records, we've traveled to Memphis, TN and eaten at two of the best joints (Muddy's Bake Shop and Hueys) around and walked on Beale St with our best friends, shared exciting news with our family that we would be expecting at the end of the summer (Aug), traveled to RioVerde Mexico for an amazing missions trip...just to name a few. Oh yeah, quite possibly forgetting the very best thing - the wonderful addition to our family that came early July instead of mid-August!  It's been quite the year, and all I can say is the Lord has surely shown us his provisions throughout yet another year.
The day was wonderful - J had these beautiful flowers sitting on my desk when I got into work on Thursday morning, and I even was able to get a treat from the DD on my way in (I tried earlier in the week, and unfortunately got a reg instead of decaf...)! I was able to look at those two items on my desk all day.
Then I was also looking at this the rest of the day:
We got home, and shared gifts for one another. J got me some rain boots from Target that I had been wanting, and a beautiful printed picture from our wedding in sepia tone in a new beautiful frame.  I gave J a bag of "all my kisses" in dark chocolate and a "free" round of golf (and by "free" I mean "free of any complaints from me") :) Nina, Miriam's godmother, came around 5 to watch Miriam for the evening. That lady is such a saint!
We went to Brio in Southpark for dinner, then Brusters for dessert. YUM-O!! Overall, our day was spectacular! I can't wait to see what year number 5 has in store for us!!!


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