Friday, April 8, 2016

Watching it unfold

The Ghent girls have been so involved in our Honduras trip and seem to carry the same excitement that Jeremy and I have for the week. Everyday for the last few weeks we hear "how many more days til Honduras?" And up until today, we'd respond with some large number, and lost count. But today, an exclamation of "we're just one month away!" Took me by surprise. ONE MONTH. FOUR WEEKS. 28 DAYS. 672 HOURS. It's getting so real! 
11 months ago, upon my return from Tegucigalpa, I longed with such emotion to return to that great city. Not because it was "fun" and not because the fashion and food were affordable. It wasn't because I took a week away from mothering, nor was it because I got a week of "vacation" from teaching. Instead, I was determined to go back because God had stirred up such a desire to do the hard, long, and draining work of ministry with the people in that city. Though part of me was a little skeptical-Jeremy won't be as excited and the trip will fall through. 
My soul was a bit downcast in the months that followed, in the uncertainty of how we would actually get back to Teguc. We began praying for the opportunity, the logistics, the financial responsibility, and the "what happens next?" part. We reached out to our nearest of friends and family and pleaded for their prayers for us on this journey. We sent support letters to a handful of these folks and asked to pray for these specifics:
1. For Jeremy's up to date passport to return in expedited time (without paying expediting fees)
2. To secure financial support for our trip. 
3. To arrange care for the Ghent girls in our absence. 

These three were burdens on our hearts and as we began to share with others that we were pursuing this call, affirmation came flying from every direction. Within a week, over half of the monetary support was delivered in the mail. And by the next week (13 days after applying for the renewal), we received Jeremy's new passport. While we continued to receive support and encouragement for the trip, Gods provisions through his people were confirming our desires. We pleaded even more as we realized arranging care for the girls was going to prove to be more difficult than we had hoped. Our families, though they support us greatly, were unable to assume primary care for the girls over the entirety of the trip. We were discouraged, realizing A. We couldn't go without having secured their care and B. They couldn't go with us this time. 

We asked a few folks, but all doors closed. Until this past week, literally out of nowhere, a couple from the church inquired if we had made arrangements yet, then offered to keep them Sun-Saturday of the trip. Friends, it was as if I heard the trumpets blast and it showered sunshine to blind me!!! They had seen our prayer requests in the church newsletter and had prayed about offering. 

So, now, four weeks out, we are so blown away at how God provides so specifically when you pursue him and does far beyond what we can imagine. 


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