Thursday, January 21, 2016

Using God's Word to Correct and Train....Introduction

BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) has been such a place of safety, growth, respite, healing, and love for me over the past 4 years.  Through the reading, teaching, discussion, and encouragement, I've been impacted by so many things and by so many women.  I treasure these things and never discount the many ways I've been challenged from week to week.  This year, I've been a little more spotty in attendance due to a sundry list of responsibilities and illness on my part, but have managed to still connect with the women of my group in small ways.  Over the last two weeks, I was approached by one of the ladies inquiring what it was that I "did" and how I "did it" in caring for my children and teaching them the scriptures.  And so in a brief 5 minutes of time before we had to grab the littles from their classes, I attempted to explain how God has impressed on J and me to hide His word in our hearts and model that with our girls.  What came from that was a lingering of "Man, I didn't tell them about this" or "gosh, I wish I would have expressed that a little more clearly..." and so I knew I would eventually sit down and write those thoughts down.  Unfortunately, that "spare" time came this week since L forced us to stay home from school.  1,200 breathing treatments, too many puffs of the inhaler, and double doses of steroids later, we are finally on the mend!
So I sat down this morning, and typed some 4 pages of thoughts of the whys, hows, and from where.  But these are the thoughts I shared with these two sisters of mine.These are daily prayers and goals that we have.  We certainly don't have it all together but we try to teach our children the most important things in life and about the big picture.  And by teaching them, we are convicted ourselves of our own shortcomings.  Praise the Lord for his DAILY SUFFICIENT GRACE.  May you be encouraged by these things and know that the trenches are big enough for all of us to walk in together, and we carry the sword with us to guide us out.


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