Thursday, June 18, 2015

4 weeks in...

Summer is flying by, as it always does, and we are loving every minute. We've got such a variety of summer plans there's no reason for us to be bored or really too busy-just perfect. 
And thankfully, the girls love the excitement of being outside and doing simple things that we normally can't do during the school year. So between our four weeks of being IN school this summer, a few weeks at the beach, and our mountain trips, we have a great summer bucket list- the ABCs of summer!!
We're already making headway on our list and having loads of fun making great memories. 

New friendships growing in the neighborhood
Firefly catching one night
Just Dance party prior to family wedding selfie

We go outside to explore almost everyday....this particular day we met Tommy the Turtle
Donut dates with the Ghent girls 
Our first Porch Popsicle event of the summer, though this happens several times a week!!!
Quiet times together with our favorite new ESV Bible

Spending as MUCH TIME at the lake as possible. While not on the "bucket list" officially, it's a given. And by the way, don't let the floaters fool you. m is a master swimmer these days. It's just jumping off a 5 ft pier into 12 ft of murky lake water over and over and over isn't so calming for this momma. 

Our next big to do on the list: MISSISSIPPI OR BUST!!!


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