Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Cracked eggs

IWhen I lived at home with mom and dad after graduating from college (it was really just mom and me for most of the time since dad traveled Sun-Thurs), one of our fave dinners each week was salad night. We had a massive bar displayed, Ruby Tuesdays or Jason's Deli couldn't compare, and we feasted. She always HAD to have hard boiled eggs. I (at the time) on the other hand, thought they had too much fat in them, so I scraped all of the yellow yolk out and ate only the white part and claimed it was "healthier for me." Ha. No matter how hard I tried, I ALWAYS screwed up the boiling or peeling of the eggs. Mom would have something to say about it: either I didn't boil them long enough, I started with warm water, I didn't put them in ice cold water after they boiled, blah blah blah. 

Well today I perfected the art of hard boiled eggs. And my heart was so happy. 
I know. To you, they are just eggs. But to me they were perfect. And to my momma, they would have been glorious. 

After snapping the shot, I couldn't help but think about the cracks in those eggs and how IMperfect they really were....and how somedays my soul feels as if the cracks are infinitely drawn all the way around like those eggs because of my lack in devotion to God's Word or my displeasure in His perfect plan for me or my family. Oh how quick I complain!
But, God's Word offers the great promise of this: 
I get to take off that "old self" with all of the cracks and blemishes, be daily renewed by the spirit, and put on the "new self" created in the likeness of God
in true righteousness and holiness. (Ephesians 4:24 ESV). Once that egg is peeled and the cracked shell is removed, the smooth, white layer is revealed. And it's perfect. It's glorious. 

I am cracked. But, Praise The Lord, the One who provides, forgives, and redeems, for my shell can be removed! Thanks be to Jesus!!


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