Monday, December 2, 2013

Hey Mom, it's me again....

The reason I started this blog was to continue where I left off from mom's caringbridge site.  While she was sick, I'd update that frequently and give insight to what was going on.  When she died, I no longer felt the need to post my thoughts there, so I created this hopes to share dreams, life lessons, stories of my life, and overload pictures of my adorable family.

I never really thought I'd be back at writing again, from the perspective of someone helping someone else endure their season of "C". But I am.

On November, my dear sweet mother in law, Debbie (aka "Nana") had a routine exam with her doctor and it was then that he discovered something that shouldn't be there.  She had an ultrasound which uncovered what was initially thought to be a small mass.  After some testing and other discussion, it was decided to move forward rather quickly to surgery for removal of the mass, which was the Thursday before Thanksgiving.  At that time, a mass that looked HUGE (9x9x3) was taken and then tested.  After this surgery, we had been given several words of encouragement "it all looks good from what I can tell..."

But, the next Tuesday (just days after the surgery and two days before Thanksgiving, she was called into the doctor's office for discussion of the recently received path report: malignancy in the right ovary. That huge mass...inside of it there was a bunch of cancer crap. Living there. In her body. The horror!

Blind sighted. Is this really happening? Are you kidding me?!

I'd say that I've been in shock most of this time, but did have a sense of emotion and weepiness overtake me today.  She had her first appointment with the gynecological oncologist/surgeon to discuss what happens next.  I had to go back to that cancer center where I had been so many times before with mom, but this time, with Nana.
So, here we are - on a new journey. When that seems sickeningly familiar, but yet one that I have no clue how the ride will be. What I do know, is the same God that was with David, the same God that was with his Son, and the same God that was with us with Mom's cancer, is and will be with us in this season.

God, thank you for protecting us and providing for us.
Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice. Philippians 4:4


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