Tuesday, August 20, 2013

78 days

That's how long it's been since I've actually even thought to write any post. And I'm just in time. I guess officially, summer is over in the next few hours. WHERE DID IT GO?! I start back to school with a few teacher days this week and next, then we are in full swing the week of Labor Day. Not that I'm not excited to get back, it's just, well, I HEART summer with all I have.  I never really had a "summer" until last year, and even then I felt like I was barely making it through each day with my crazy 2 year old and still somewhat new baby.  It's really all a blur of whatever summer was last year, but I can confidently say that this summer made me fall in love with all things summer: pjs, lazy days, play dates, errands together, park time, beach vacations, lots of car traveling, and any thing else we did. Some of my most favorite memories:

1. Early in June I was in the Dollar General looking for something specific, I'm sure, but I ran across a box of those frozen pops with a REBATE offer! Cha-ching! I bought those bad boys and only spent $.63 after it was all said and done. Then, every day after Lydia went down for a nap, Miriam and I would share about 15 minutes on the porch eating our popsicles and rocking in the chairs. Sometimes we'd sing, sometimes we'd talk, other times we just sat there. She looked forward to it every day. And if for some reason she was more disobedient one day, she unfortunately lost her popsicle privilege.  Those were HARD days! But for the most part, we've enjoyed all but 3 or 4 still in the freezer. Way to capitalize!

2. We practiced writing Miriam's name - and while those moments were probably more frustrating than successful, I've seen such growth in my little girl. She really is growing, even if she still manifests a little difficulty with her attention span!

3.  Lydia has been learning to say a few words, finally! We were discouraged when we discovered she had some hearing loss that the fluid in her ears and tubes all contributed to, but she has been so precious to watch a language unfold.

4.  Sometimes at our breaking point, like today, we piled in the car and headed to Target.  Buy popcorn (split into two bags), and an icee that all 3 of us manage to share and we are all placated for about an hour. Such a perfect idea.

5. I finally painted Miriam's toes this summer.  We're typically so busy that I am always too late remembering to do it, but we had so much fun with purple and pink.  I don't, however, think I'll be taking her to get a real pedicure anytime soon. No way I need to pay $$ for anyone to do that when we can do it at home! :)

6. M enjoyed a few weeks of swim lessons with her new best friend, Ms Danielle.  She started out pretty rocky, but learned and progressed so well throughout the weeks. We were so sad when they had to come to an end.

7.  We finally were able to put the double bob stroller into action!! Glad to say that I feel confidant we have already gotten our money's worth out of it just this summer alone. But it is NOT easy running 4 miles in our neighborhood, with the hills, pushing 75+ pounds.

8. Us three girls did a lot of traveling along this summer, to the beach and to the mountains.  I spent two very hard weeks in different environments caring for my adventurous girls and I was exhausted!! I really hated not having J around to help, but oh so glad he will join us on another family beach trip in September to Hilton Head!

9. At meal times,we're able to slow down, talk about the day, learn heartfelt prayers, and really communicate with one another without having to race off to our destination.  Though my body is geared for the busy, my mind really relishes in the slowness.  My children are able to witness more Christ-like actions from me because I'm able to consciously think about them. I am preparing myself for the upcoming school year, that I will continue in this summer "habit," rather than falling back into old habits of always rushing and not paying attention to the important things.

10.  We had lots of scavenger hunts for things outside, things inside, learned why things do what they do and how they do them, met many new friends, played with lots of our other friends, celebrated birthdays and special times together, rode horses, learned praise songs, watched Pete's Dragon and Charlotte's Web a few times, spent too much some money, enjoyed the outdoors, and a host of other things.  But I certainly didn't take a lot of pictures. I was a little too busy to do that....

And while we didn't do exactly everything I had in mind for this summer, I don't regret how we spent a single day.  Summer 2013, you were a blast and such a therapeutic tool for this wild family.  I will cling to you as long as I can...and when I can't anymore, I'll enjoy the busyness of life until your partner, Summer 2014 comes around.
Here's a picture that I actually did take. And of course, neither of the girls really cared that I wanted to take a picture. Oh well.


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