Saturday, July 21, 2012

I was so disappointed:(

We walked into one of those cheapo beach stores on main street and ocean blvd the other night in search of a water shirt for Miriam. When we had found the one at the cheapest price thanks to the store clerk, my heart dropped and my blood boiled. J instructed me to put the shirt back and get out of the store immediately because we had recognized who the man was.
See, a few nights before he and I went to live a few hours as kids again at the OD pavilion just a few blocks down from our hotel.when we decided to ride a ride or two (oh graviton make me barf!), we had to purchase tickets. When we walked up to the ticket booth there was a tall built man standing with his daughter (about 6 or so) at the front counter asking for a "locals" discount at 11pm (they closed at midnight). The lady informed they guy that they didn't do that and he pressed the issue again. Unfortunately the lady's next response still didn't make him happy so he proceeded to cuss her out using every word in the book (and even some new ones!) and dropped the f-bomb a handful of times, right in front of his poor young daughter who just wanted to ride some rides! I was so disheartened by the scene that I even said out loud enough do he could hear me "really? In front of your daughter? ". Thankfully he didn't turn around and come after me but j and I hated seeing that guy be such a jerk to the ticket lady and to his daughter. And he smelled something awful of alcohol!! then we spent our fortune on tickets, rode the gravitron twice and returned home thinking of how rude that man was.
So while standing at the water shirts, it dawned on us: the clerk was that man. I have never felt so much passion as to not support a business as I did in that moment and we high tailed it out of there-without the cheapest water shirt in NMB:(


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