Friday, June 1, 2012

Week in Review

Oh my - it's been a crazy week! And instead of writing a bagillion different posts, I'll just keep it in one with a few photos for fun!

So, on Saturday, we bought Miriam a sprinkler toy to use in the yard on hot days. I think she's in love with Goofy Gecko - and it was under 6 bucks at KMart.
Then, I got to baking. After making those margarita cupcakes last Friday, I had to make 2 others flavors for an order for Memorial Day and birthday celebration so I finally got to test my red velvet recipe and try a new one, Boston Cream Pie. Plus, it was a long weekend with beautiful weather. I ended up messing up the first batch of vanilla cakes for the Boston Cream Pie, so I ended up with a dozen extra jumbo cakes - geesh! Finally got the bulk of them done, and even enjoyed a Red Velvet before I got to share my Margarita ones with the neighbors.
Red Velvet - yes, they taste as good as they look!
Boston Cream Pie - interesting recipe and techniques learned.
Probably the most difficult to "get right"

Saturday night, I lived a bit on the wild side and took the light rail ALONE after 9 p.m. to meet up with some girlfriends to celebrate a birthday downtown CLT. I can't believe that 12 years ago I was gallivanting around Madrid like it was nobody's business at 19 yrs of age, and here I was, 29, and scared out of my wits! But, I made it and had a blast!
On Monday, Miriam got to get up close and personal with a new friend, Rudy.  She is the fur daughter to my friend Terri's parents.  She was the sweetest, ,calmest thing ever and we were really hoping they would hit it off, but it certainly took a while for her to warm up to her.

Miriam getting used to Rudy. She is totally fascinated and terrified at the same time.
Then on Monday night, we got to celebrate TriPaw (Jeremy's dad) turning the big 6-0!  I fixed turkey lasagna, bread, salad, and had a nice display of cupcakes for dessert and a centerpiece of hydrangeas from our garden (and almost a week later, they are still GORGEOUS on our table!).
Sitting down for lasagna dinner - love the hydrangeas from my own garden!

TriPaw's birthday cake spread
On Tuesday, my friend Ann Louise and I geared up to take M and L on a road trip to GA to visit J's sister and her 3 boys. It was a crazy few days and filled with it's own share of stories, but basically, L pooped way too much, M wasn't great at adjusting to a new place where we all slept in the same room, and she "got bit" which led us to an urgent care at 1030 p.m. when none were open so we cut our trip a bit short to get back home to see a doctor (fast forward to today to find out they weren't bites at all, instead infections from some of the hand/foot/mouth places...).

Today, M went to the doctor, and then we spent the rest of the day at home. Probably a close to perfect day if you ask me. We played, read, ate, rested, and even got crafty.  I'll post pictures of our project after Fathers Day!
Looking forward to a "boring" weekend with no plans!!  Next week I have a few cupcake orders so I'll rest up til then!


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