Thursday, June 7, 2012

Posting and rocking

Life as I know it goes at super light speed. I wake up between 7 & 8 each morning and go to bed around 11 each night. But those hours in between go by sooo fast! I started to think that this summer would be so low key that we would be bored. Ha-not so much. I'm finding that we barely have enough time to do it all. Not to mention I don't have free time on my hands anymore.
As we speak I'm rocking sweet Lydia. She is such a great, great, GREAT night sleeper that I can't complain about how she naps during the day. But I know she has to be tired. It never fails that I put her down for a nap around 3 and by 345 or 4 she is awakened by the daunting gas bubble. So today I decide to rock her, yes, back to sleep. Something I totally don't believe in. In fact we could probably go without the glider and have saved a few bucks considering how infrequent I actually use it.
But today I feel like snuggling with my sweet baby who will soon be 4 months-4MONTHS!!! I can't take it! The speed of time has got to slow down!
Maybe I'm also cashing in some early snuggle time before the weekend begins and I go to making a bagillion dozen cupcakes! I've been so good with eating and exercising this week that I feel sexy and empowered. But leave it to the weekend to cause me to stumble-and I think I'm okay with that ;)


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