Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Whatcha got cookin'?

Since my latest installment of resources for yummy deliciousness, it's been well over a month. Clearly I've been busy. For the most part, busy learning how to be a full time SAHM, keeping the peace, remaining sane, and trying to shower 1-3 times (a week)....but, I also have been cooking and baking up a storm. My husband tells me he wants me to stop, that it wears me down, and that I'm often too tired to do anything else, but mention cooking and I'm game! So, what's been stirring in my kitchen these days:
1. For the italian lover in us all: Tuscan pasta with tomato basil cream with my fresh basil I've been growing.
2. For the "need-some-home-cooked-feel-good-just-wanna-eat-meal" of Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumplings
3. My take on this version of seafood pasta - kind of like a shrimp scampi, and I left out a lot of ingredients and made it super simple, but it's an awesome idea!
4. quick and easy biscuits (they taste like our church's communion bread!) - super yummy with only 3 ingredients!

And what would it be like if I weren't making any sweets?!
1. I made these yum-o muffins for a Bible study gathering the other week since I had some rotten bananas and fresh strawberries on hand.  (note to self, make sure, when doubling the recipe, that you not leave out the butter for both batches.  a double batch without 2 sticks of butter can make the batter worthless and develop into a spastic kitchen moment...not that I know about that or anything....)
2. Homemade Reese cups - but better. yep, they are as good as they sound and easier than you think to make.
3. Easy cherry cobbler for when I had a covered dish and remembered at the last minute to bake something.
4. Cream cheese lemon bars, a favorite recipe of mine growing up that my aunt fixed for many occasions

I've been trying my hand at cake recipes and jumbo cupcakes.  I have some random idea to go into business and charge pennies compared to the up and going cupcake stores. I get tired of paying $3 for a cupcake!! And I have a pretty good neighbor who seems to not mind taste testing my  creations.
Here's what I've got so far:

1. Strawberry with strawberry buttercream
2. Chocolate with chocolate cream icing
3. and my latest success, snickerdoodle!

My next experiments may include pink lemonade, margarita (virgin and real), candybar craze (mix of snikers, reese, twix)....
What flavor of cupcake or icing would you like for me to try? Do you think I could go into a side business baking? Would you like to be a taster??

And, look at my cute little assistants: they help me by taking naps, eating what's in front of them, and just looking cute!


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