Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Praying Hard

I've been praying hard for my friends (old, new, and unknown) who are in different seasons of life right now. Will you take a moment and pray for these folks too?
1. A college friend, Melanie, as she cares for her mother, Sue and the new stage of life they are all in as she watches her mother suffer from a stupid brain tumor.
2. For a lady who was super close to my mother when she was ill - her father has been diagnosed with the same stupid brain tumor that mom had and is only given a couple of months of life to live.
3. My new blogging friends, the Knolls, as they seek prayers on behalf of their few days old son Parker who has CDH and is at a critical point in treatment.
4. A college couple, Elizabeth and Grady who are living in week 7 or 8 with her daughter Lily in the hospital who is making speedy progress against CDH.
5. My dad's wife's daughter, Amy, who is scheduled to have some pretty intense surgery tomorrow. She's been preparing for this for quite some time, and has two teen daughters who will miss their on the go momma.
6. My grandmother as she is released today from a 48 hour stay in the hospital for a flare up with her diverticulitis.  She is still having a hard time adjusting to the absence of her husband who died 3 weeks ago.
7. My sweet niece Sarah, who seems to be perpetually ill, but the doctors find no evidence of cause.
8. For three dear girlfriends who are so precious to me, and long for godly men in their lives but the Lord has yet to introduce them and fulfill his promise...

And praising God for the joys in life:
1. For the speedy process thus far, for my friend Terri and her husband Tyler as they begin their adoption process.  Pray for them and their child that God has set apart to join their family already.
2. For Miriam's HFM has been relatively easy, now that she's recovering.  Continue to pray it doesn't spread to anyone else in the family.
3. For sleep at night - it's not overrated in our house and I'm sooo glad we get it.

Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.
James 5:16


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