Monday, May 14, 2012

The oreo challenge

Oh wow - the part of my body that enjoys chocolate just did a happy dance.  On Sunday, I went for my next challenge - the Oreo cupcake. And although I'm pretty sure I succeeded, I've still got some things to improve.  The taste, however, not so much.
I used my go-to chocolate cake recipe from Hershey. Hands down THE BEST chocolate cake out there!! Then, I added an oreo to each cupcake liner - some I did the whole cookie, some I did crumbles. I'm not sure which way I like best - both seemed to be pleasing to everyone else.  I almost couldn't resist myself after I pulled them out of the oven....well, I actually didn't. I devoured a WHOLE JUMBO CUPCAKE hot and yummy. This is what they looked like out of the oven:
ones on left had whole cookie on bottom, ones on right have crumbles
Then, if that wasn't enough goody...the icing was even more amazing. My classic butter cream with crumbled oreos.  Miriam even helped me with the meat tenderizer to smash them. Unfortunately, I should have thought to food-process them, because when I piped the icing out, some of the larger crumbs got stuck and totally messed me up. I've learned from that mistake for sure.  I also didn't add as much sugar to this icing because folks said the last batch was too sweet. But, it made the icing really runny (maybe I added too much milk?).  Nonetheless, a perfect ending to the challenge...

I halved the recipe for the cake and it made 12 jumbo cupcakes.  I ate one out of the oven, J ate one, shared 3 with neighbors, then enlisted a few other tasters to try them out so they wouldn't be in my house tonight.  From what I hear, they already want another one! SCORE!


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