Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas this year was, well, just different. Between being kept at home most of the time, family in and out of town, and Christmas on the weekend it made for a few changes in our normal holiday traditional routines.  Nonetheless, it was thoroughly enjoyed by all, and was actually restful and not hectic like it always seems. We didn't throw any special holiday parties this year (partly because I"m exhausted, and partly because we're almost broke) so getting into the spirit was a little more difficult this year.  Finally, by Christmas Adam, I was there...and then it left as quickly as it came. We were able to spend time with all of our family, although it was a short time, but we had fun and Miriam was precious. She probably needs one more year though before everything becomes magical through her eyes.  A few pictures from our Christmas extravaganza....

Trying to get all 4 Ghent grandchildren in a photo can prove to be quite difficult.

My sister with her youngest and a squirmy Miriam at our annual Jackson Christmas Eve gathering (but the night be fore this year)

Miriam and daddy opening gifts -
apparently she was more interested in what Grace was opening

Our Jackson Family Christmas photo on Christmas Eve
morning at the grandparents house for breakfast

Aunt Maddy helping Miriam play with her new baby doll

Miriam learning a thing or two from daddy about putting
Miriam loves her new table and chairs!
All ready for the Christmas Eve service at church
Ghent Family photo self-timer shot

Possibly my favorite picture of the season. J having a tea party with Miriam on Christmas morning
The shot of when Miriam first saw the lit tree with gifts underneath


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