Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekend to remember

J and I just got settled back in to our home in the piedmont - much different than our home for 2 days in the mountains of TN.  We went for the weekend (without Miriam) and our purpose was two-fold: 1-to attend the wedding of a dear friend, one of the girls from the band I traveled with after high school and 2-to celebrate our 5th yr wedding anniversary.  We had a blast of a weekend - and thanks to the wedding and all of its festivities, we are pooped!

The rehearsal and reception were by far nothing I'd ever been a part of before - and the reception especially was something I've only seen in magazines.  I even got to play in the wedding with some of the most talented Nashville and CA musicians.  We saw gorgeous trees at the peak of their color changing season. We spent time together as a couple (something we haven't done in quite some time).  We talked about what's ahead and what we've been through. We ate until we couldn't eat anymore.  We BOTH got pedicures and laughed the whole time.  All in all, the weekend was the best I could imagine.  Such rejuvenation!   Here are some photos from the weekend - they don't even capture half of the goodness we experienced!

tablescape at reception 

cool moss-covered ornament

scene from overlook site

happy anni flowers from J in the hotel room


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