Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Now that I'm about 85% recovered from the weekend of caring for sick Miriam, and the early week caring for sick me (BLAH), I'm trying to bog my mind with things other than lysol, toilets, and ginger ale. These are the questions that I've been pondering considering our life change in Feb/Mar:

1 - do I get a double stroller? a travel system? tandem or side by side? jogging? do I sell what I have now?
2 - what kind of furniture do we get for Miriam in her new room? same type of "lifetime" furniture with converting crib? matching furniture? really nice furniture that we bought for the nursery?
3 - how do you put 2 children in all-day childcare? surely there's someone willing to watch both Miriam and baby when June rolls around?? and willing to do it half the cost (the cheapest I've found yet is $1750/month - and it's a hole in the wall!)
4 - what size clothes will Miriam be wearing at Christmas? she wore 18 months all summer, but now, some 18 months fall stuff is too big, some too little, but she seems to have stopped (or at least slowed) her growth some
5 - what happens if they put me on bed rest at 28 weeks (I was threatened with this the other day) - how do full time working moms with a traveling husband deal with this??
6 - when will I get my appetite back?
7 - what will I wear tomorrow?
(sorry, 6 and 7 are just thoughts about tomorrow...)
8 - what will we name our baby girl?
9 - I wonder how long I'll nurse our baby girl
10 - I wonder if anybody wants to sell me their ERGO carrier....


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