Friday, October 14, 2011

Let's rewind

It's been a rough week around the Ghent household - if we could only rewind the week and start all's why:
1. If you remember from one of my posts last weekend,  we headed outside to get some photos of Miriam, in the midst of the backyard-infested mosquito bed. Well, we just knew they were out there, but we weren't sure that she actually got bitten. Well, Monday morning brought us a bit of surprise. One bite on each cheek, 3 on her left hand (that made it swell up so bad all over!), and one on her right ear. Poor thing!  Well, apparently Monday night/early Tuesday morning in her sleep she must have scratched her ear - which led to scratching off the bite, which led to goop oozing from her ear all Tuesday morning and afternoon.  It was yuck-o, but the preschool folks assured me it wasn't too much to worry about.  Well, since Miriam stays the afternoon with the doctor's wife, he came home for lunch and diagnosed her infection! So we got antibiotic and have fought with putting it on her ear every morning and night this week. It's so gross looking.  And I'm sure it has to bother her.  Poor thing!

2.  On Tuesday night, I was playing with Miriam in the floor before bed. She got all excited, and is really into the whole "dive into anything" right now, so she dove right into me, into my right side down far enough to hurt me and scare me that she hurt the baby.  Unfortunately, pain started immediately and I continued cramping all through the night.  I debated whether to call the doctor (b/c what was I going to tell daughter fell on me?! not to mention, I already had an appointment scheduled for the upcoming Monday...) but the cramping and pain didn't stop by morning, so I had an appointment late that afternoon.  The doctor assured me that no trauma was caused and the baby was fine, beating at a very strong heartbeat of 155 bpm.  He was so kind and didn't make me feel like an idiot.  He has been great in coaching me through this second pregnancy, as we've gotten to be a little cautious (read a little about why here).  So, I rested, put my feet up, slept a little longer each morning, and took to my 500 mg tylenol for comfort.

3.  Thursday, I went to pick Miriam up from the sitter's house and she was still sleeping when I came.  I went it to get her and she woke, then I realized there was something in her pack-n-play...and it was all over her...and in her hair!  She had gotten sick, and obviously her lunch was making a reappearance.  She stood up quickly and started crying for me, so I picked her up...where she then proceeded to throw up even more - ALL OVER ME!! Now, I already have a queasy stomach, not to mention pregnant making it even more queasy. But I deserve a big award - she did this to me 5 or 6 more times and I never spewed....until the last time.  Poor thing - we got her cleaned up, tried to lysol everywhere in the sitter's house, and we went outside to make it home. Put her in the car seat and - you guessed it - all over. Again. Everything. So, we RE cleaned up, but this time put her back in the car naked (we'd already gone through the spare clothes) and prayed to make it home before the next episode...which happened as soon as we walked in the door. It was a rough afternoon/night to say the least! She did, however, sleep well at night, but woke with a 100 fever that FINALLY went down after she woke from her 3 hour nap this afternoon.

4. With all of the unfolding events, I had to back out on the church-wide retreat weekend. This is a super fun weekend away in the mountains with folks from the church. Although I spend a good amount of time working (friday night, saturday morning, sunday morning), I enjoy being away with everyone. Just need a break every now and then. But instead, I stayed up til after 11 typing up my entire lesson that I had poured thought and excitement into...then spending the morning writing down all of my responsibilities and delegating them to others. It was a headache and such a bummer that we're stuck at home (J and I living in fear of getting the bug ourselves), and still giving Miriam the BRAT diet.

Perhaps the upcoming Saturday will be restful, beautiful, exciting, and family-filled...everything it would have been in the mountains, but except at home.
Have a good weekend yourself!


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