Friday, October 7, 2011

A few thoughts...

It's Friday (our 5th wedding anniversary!) and J and I have celebrated out tonight. We spent some time with sweet M outside, then went for a family/anni dinner at Olive Garden, compliments of J's parents.  I love easy-going Fridays, it makes such a great start to the weekend.   Just a few thoughts on my mind as we draw this week to an end:
1-tomorrow is my friend Kimberly's baby shower - I've waited forever for this one! It's going to be a college girls reunion of about 20 girls and 8 or so of our children (all girls!). YAY! I'm so excited for her and John, they're going to make cute, great parents to Baby F.
2-tonight at Olive Garden was an interesting night - we saw 5 families with folks with disabilities. although one was mild with just a boot/cast on their leg, others were in permanent wheelchairs, some were mentally disabled, and one family (just a mom and son)-ot real sure what their story was, but the mom walked from her car and into the restaurant carrying her son (who was at least her size, if not larger)....they sat near us and he ate the fool out of the never ending pasta bowl! we couldn't figure out if it was a special night for olive garden to offer discounts for the disabled, or if the Lord just opened our eyes to some of these situations for a reason.  M was so sweet to each one of them though - as always, she grinned real big and gave a huge pageant-like wave. Love her socialness!
3-I'm THRILLED about our pregnancy. It's getting old REAL quick for folks that make comments like "oh wow, they'll sure be close in age"...or "did you plan this?"...or "you'll have your hands full" with such grimaces on their faces. for those that care, we prayed DILIGENTLY for this child MONTHS before its conception, and despaired over the possibility of not being able to get pregnant again since our difficulties with sweet M the first time. What some may not know is that we spent many many nights praying, crying, and seeking the Lord's guidance in our ever present desire to grow our family even more, which was so unusual to us. We almost struggled more with the thought of #2 than we did with M.  So to answer those questions, yes, they'll be close in age, but not as close as we wanted them, or they could have a sense, no, we didn't plan this - God did - but we DID want another child by the time M was 6 months old....and yes, my hands will be full - but no more full than they already are with a full time job (in the ministry at that!), being a full time wife and a full time mother. I just get to experience more joy with 2 at such a young age. so there!
4 - The Lord has been teaching me much about prayer, as I'm advising a Bible study by Kay Arthur Lord, Teach Me To Pray, and teaching the Lord's Prayer in children's church each Sunday.  What continues to ring in my head and heart is that the God who sees everything and provides for my needs has a will to be done on earth and I am to pray and seek out that will, for His glory, not my convenience.  With this pregnancy, I've been more thoughtful of what may happen with our child.  The Lord has prepared us more for the unanticipated, and that scares me to a degree....but as long as I'm praying in His will, all will be provided, right?
5 - M can make sounds of a cow, tiger/lion, doggie (of course), and sometimes a cat. She says "nana" for just about every type of food, although there's a distinction for an actual banana and Nana (J's mom). She walks and has started running-wobbling some. She loves to play with balls and cars, and hates grass. She loves food, and only hates olives. But out of all of these things, she LOVES to pray. If there isn't something that makes me happier, it's that when we sit down for a meal or snack, she can put her hands together and pray "GaaaaaaaaaaaD". I'm a proud ministry momma!

Happy first weekend in October! Have a good one!


GingerScraps said...

If there was a grimace on my face when you told me, it was only pure jealousy! So happy for you!

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