Saturday, June 11, 2011

your last MONTH-day!

Doodle bug,
I can't believe that we celebrated your last month day yesterday! We have been trying to soak in every second of you and your new tricks and skills but it's getting harder to keep up with you and everything you're learning each day. Since your last month day, there have been MANY changes!
 - You now have 2 full teeth, the front two "downstairs" - you love the Dr. Seuss Tooth Book and I'm sure more teeth are just around the corner! However, you manage pretty well to eat all sorts of foods with your gums!

Proof that you do have teeth afterall!

 - You really don't not like many foods, but some of your favorites these days have been nutrigrain blueberry bagels and yogurt, sweet potatoes, goldfish, and circle crackers.
 - now that you can stand up, you love to be on your feet at any and all times
 - You love duckie, bathtime, playing paticake, and listening to mommy play the violin
 - Lately, you've been expanding your vocabulary to include: "dada," "nana," "chicken," "paci," "duckie," "milk," and "all done"
 - You had your first trip to the zoo on Memorial Day and you loved it! Your favorites were the elephants, the koala, and the farm.
 - For the first time you saw some real baby chicks (which I'm pretty sure you thought were ducks), and you LOVED it! Almost so much that mommy almost bought one just so you could see a live "duckie"
 - You have been gaining more experience at meal and snack times lately. We're starting to move away from the pureed stuff and you like feeding yourself. I'm really surprised that you like corn, sweet potatoes, and beef (3 things that mommy DOES NOT eat!)
 - You have finally started rolling, but you still only roll using one side. We're practicing on sitting up, and rolling the other way - before we know it, you'll be crawling! (and thanks for Virginia and our help through Baby Net, you'll be getting lots of practice in the coming months!)

I think I like this rolling thing...
  - We've been teaching new things and you've gotten pretty good at them: 1 - you still use a paci for nap time and bed time, but as soon as it's time to get up, all we do is tell you to leave paci in your crib and you take it out and lay it down for safe keeping. 2 - In the car you always have to have your set of keys or, guess what, a duckie as your companion. But you know that when the car stops and it's time to get out, you have to leave your toy in the cup holder so it's there for the next car trip.3 - saying hello and byebye with gestures is coming along, and you're really starting to wave!

- You now understand a lot of the sign language that we've been teaching you: all done, more, milk, yes, please, thank you. I bet you'll be signing back to us sooner than we think!
 - You have absolutely NO social problems, other than you're the new social butterfly on the block. You get it honest :)
I can't believe that month 10 was filled with so much and that we only have one more month until your birthday. If I could bottle up any of the last 10 months, I so would, so that we could remember each and everything about you. You're teaching us what it means to love and how love can grow exponentially in seconds. Your teaching us what it means to be patient, gentle, and positive in all circumstances. You are a gift from God to us, and we praise him for your life!

Mommy's yoga partner




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