Thursday, May 12, 2011

Vacation, not so much.

I live for May each year. Not only does the weather turn promising for warmer climates meaning shorts, flip flops and sun, but it's also the month that we take our annual "summer vacation." Since the summer is such a busy time in the church, and we don't get "spring break" or the wonderful 8 weeks off in the summer, Jeremy and I have always found the week just before Memorial Day to be our token vacation week. After our numerous experiences at Myrtle Beach during this said week (which just so happens to be "Brotha and Sista Biker Week), we decided that this year, with Miriam, we'd have to do something different.

Our wonderful church friends, the Logans, agreed to lend us their home in Edisto for the week, and we anticipated our trip since Christmas! We decided to go earlier in May this year, because of Dad's wedding festivities and all and finally the dates were set:  From Friday, May 6 - Monday, May 16. 10 full days of restful bliss with my husband and my daughter. It was going to be great!  I desire nothing more each year than to spend a week away from my home, office, and relationships - so that I can regroup, revive, and fall in love with my family and creation.

Unfortunately, not so much.  As a series of events unfolded, our 10 day vacation hasn't been so much of a vacation after all, but rather an odd way the Lord has chosen to teach us a great lesson.

Instead of being selfish and only thinking to appease my yearly desire for laziness, this year we were put in situations to put that aside and think of others...something that has left us in a more rewarding state than the relaxation in the sun.

Instead of going early to the beach, we gave up time to be with dad at his bride and groom party (which was a great time to celebrate, although the worst time as it fell on the eve before Mothers Day). Then we took time out of our travel to do the rehearsal dinner invites for his festivities in just TWO WEEKS! Instead of staying down at the beach, we had an early return to support our friends The Leathers at the death of a dear wife/mother (another post to follow).  Instead of going back down, we're taking a detour and going the opposite way to be with Jeremy's family as we celebrate Joshua's 1 year birthday and his dedication. After it's said and done, we'll have spent almost 20 hours in the car, at least $125 on gas, some $50 on meals on the road, and $75 for groceries (most of which were wasted and still down at the beach house). 

It doesn't really matter that I didn't get to waste time away in the sun and get burnt to a crisp, or really even get pictures of Miriam on her first beach trip, or avoid work (because when folks saw that I was back for the funeral, they assumed I was working)....instead, we got the fulfillment of bringing joy, encouragement, peace and comfort, support, and celebration to our family and dear friends and that's all that really matters.

It's funny how the Lord uses 10 days of vacation to teach you more than you've learned in a whole year of real life.


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