Tuesday, May 31, 2011

someone is pressing my fast forward button...

It seems I can't keep up with time these days. Somehow, days, weeks, and months have gone by and I just can't keep it straight. I'm starting to be worn down more (it alwasy seems to happen in the summer months), and I'm just exhausted - all of the time! Work piles up, Miriam wants to play, and daddy is traveling a good bit. But, nonetheless, we are still enjoying our time with sweet Miriam. I haven't recorded much since her last month day, but here we are - almost at the 11th month day - YIKES!!!
Over these last weeks, dear Miriam, you have:
- grown an even larger affection for your duckies. if you're ever sad or angry, a ducky is sure to remedy the problem
- finally come along with 2 teeth on the bottom. the first one popped through 2 days before your 10th month day, and the second has just happened in the last week.
- started eating more and more "real" food (forget purees!) and you can even handle whole milk - woohoo!! your favorite snack food is ritz circle crackers
- learned how to pull yourself up (of course with some help) and stand at the coffee table
- seen the animals on the farm (preschool field trip) and at the zoo (family day on Memorial Day)
- taken a dip in the pool with your friend Taylor and LOVED it!

We are still working on:
- rolling over
- crawling
- sitting up from a lying down position
Soon, you'll be meeting a new friend to help you with these things so that you can continue to grow and move like your other baby friends. I'm so grateful for your "teacher" that will help you do these things.

I can't believe that I started really planning your 1st birthday party today - I can't believe our little sugar bag is going to be a whole 12 months old!! I'm loving this life and instead of fastforward, I wish someone would press pause!


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