Saturday, April 2, 2011


Me being the type A personality that I am (or at least used to be) was dead set in my routine 9 months ago. Like clockwork, I did the same the day in and day out. I always thought that I'd be an easy kidnappee because if someone were to follow me for 2 days, they would know where I would be and when I would be there. Then, Miriam was born and my routine went out the window.
No more early waking to go for a run (I'm lucky if I get to run once a month!), no more small iced coffees in a medium cup every Wednesday, no more knowing my schedule MONTHS in advanced.  Instead, I have sweet Miriam.  What's a schedule?
We have no schedule. We are never on time anywhere, and we are always on the go. I've always called her my "tote and go" baby, because from the beginning, that is, after we were "released" to get out in public, She spend more time in her car seat than the crib. To the church, then back home, then back to church, then out for an errand, then a lunch meeting, then back to the church, and even sometimes, spending the night at the church! She was such a trooper.

However, nine months later, we don't exactly have a set routine, there is one thing that we can always count on: BATH NIGHT!! Because of scheduling, we take a bath on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays - and an extra one in there if there happens to be a mishap.  Miriam LOVES to bathe in her yellow ducky tub and she always knows what happens when she sees the tub. She starts looking around for something she knows is there, but Mommy will waste some time putting soap and water all over her, getting it in her eyes, and tickling the part underneath her chin. But then, oh then, after she's bathed, out comes yellow ducky! Life is a party then.  Tonight, even, we played with ducky for almost 20 minutes in the tub - and this was 10 minutes AFTER her normal frantic dinner milk:)  Here's one of my newest favorite pictures that we took after bath time tonight.

she has a cute smile behind that thing!

She loves ducky, aka QuackQuack, but too bad it's rubber.  We can't wait to go see some at the lake soon.

Maybe we can fit that into our routine soon? :)


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