Tuesday, April 12, 2011

No way Nine Months!!

I can't believe our sweet Doodle Bug is 9 months (adjusted 7.5) now! All of the many things you are doing now:
- really hamming it up whenever ANYONE looks at you - you LOVE to smile!
- patting, clapping, and we seriously believe you're starting to wave too
- totally enjoying your snack time each afternoon after your nap. Mums and Puffs are currently the fave
- you have started to "inch worm" on your back in the crib
- you can hold a plank position when you're on your belly
- new foods that you've tried in the past month...those that you've enjoyed: brocolli, green beans, prunes (thank the Lord for those!), mango and those that you've not so enjoyed: papaya, avocado. on your ninth month day, you tried pureed chicken and it rocked! I guess you get it honest.
- your grunts are now turning into babbles...pretty sure you said "dada" the other day...but since, you haven't said it again. however, you love to talk to yourself at 3 a.m. sometimes...who knows what you're saying?! then, you go back to bed

Things we still get to look forward to that most 9 month babies have already done....
- your first teeth (people say you've been "teething" for about 6 months now....still waiting)
- being able to sit up from a laying down position
- rolling over (we've really been working on this...but pretty sure you have absolutely no interest at all in doing this...ever) 
- pulling yourself up
- lowering the crib
- eating something that's totally not pureed
- drinking from a sippy cup

I'm excited that we have so many things to still look forward to just in the next few weeks. You are growing so fast I can hardly believe my eyes! We love you doodle bug!
MaaaMaaaa and DaaaaDaaaa


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