Sunday, March 27, 2011

How did I miss it?

I ran into someone today who wanted to relive some of mom's "moments" and in talking with them, I caught myself thinking that it has been 4 years ago last week that mom's first surgery took place and we spent a week in the hospital. How did the time slip by me and how did I ever forget about that memory making moment?!
I'll tell you how:
I had several meetings on Monday, hurt my ankle and was all laid up on Tuesday, spent about 12 hours at the church on Wednesday, then hosted a girls night out on Thursday, celebrated J's birthday with a surprise event date night with some of our besties to Duckworth's Taphouse and the Andrew Peterson concert on Friday, then a 2-hour trip in Target to get some essentials, and another evening out celebrating with the in-laws, plus a long morning and afternoon at the church.
Who had time to think about the day before, much less 4 years ago, with all of that going on?!

Although I have ABSOLUTELY NO FREE time to do something other than work or care for my family (not even exercise much these days...), I guess I'm not complaining that some of those memories have moved themselves to the back burner. I used to always wonder how long I would dwell on them - every momentus day, every event that happened, every setback that gave us disappointment.  I just knew that I would remember them so vividly from year to year.  Maybe, just maybe, my busyness is the Lord guiding me in ways to move on.  I'm not really always thrilled about my lack of time to do much of anything, but in this instance, for once, I was a little relieved that I had almost forgotten the beginning of the end.


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