Friday, March 11, 2011

Embarking on 8 months

Our sweet glow worm,
It seems like just yesterday we were wrapping you up with the bili blanket and letting you sleep the day away. Eight months later, you're really not into much sleeping - you'd rather explore! What a month it has been!  Your daddy and I have enjoyed each and every day more and more and love to see your intriging looks.  Some highlights from the past month:
1- We have enjoyed the Kindermusik class with all of your friends and the greatest teacher, Mrs. Connie!
2 - We celebrated our first Valentines Day with you - and since you can't eat any candy, we just kissed you all day long.
3 - We rejoiced in your life as we sadly remembered the death of your "heaven nana" on February 19.
4 - You are now able to sit up completely on your own, and we can leave you there for up to an hour to play. Your favorite toys right now are the stackable rings, Violet, and the new (old) sing and spin zoo mommy got for you at the consignment sale.
5 - We officially started solids after you turned 7 months, but you really have just gotten the hang of it. You've enjoyed the apples, bananas, carrots, rice, and oatmeal, along with your recent indulgement, Baby mum mums.  By far, your favorite food is pears. We can't wait to try butternut squash, green beans, peas, and avacado.  Mommy really likes making your food right now too!
6 - On February 23rd, you managed to get out of your swaddle and lose your paci before 8:15 p.m....and you slept until the morning! So, Since February 24th, you have been COMPLETELY swaddle free! Your mommy and daddy were starting to think that you were going to have to take your swaddle blanket to kindergarten!
7 - You are learning more and more sign language, and although you don't sign back with mommy, you acknowledge what she is saying. You also LOVE IT when mommy speaks and sings in Spanish. It must have been that trip to Mexico when you were in mommy's belly that made you love spanish!

Stats for 8 months:
17 lbs 10 oz, almost 27 inches

We are on pins and needles to see what new things you'll be doing this month!


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