Sunday, March 20, 2011

a day in the park

We've been blessed with some beautiful weather here lately, and I'm a sucker for the sun and warm air. So when my friend, Pam, called me on Friday, we decided to take our girls (her daughter, Taylor, is about 2 months younger than Miriam and they spend Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday afternoons together) to the most beautiful park in town. We were excited because they girls had been almost 2 weeks without quality time (because we've all been sick!).

Miriam with Taylor's ball, and Taylor with Miriam's block - good thing these girls love to share!
  We took out blankets and toys and found a shady spot (after realizing that the park had very few sidewalks/ramps without steps!) and sat down. We even had the local newspaper take our picture and we landed an almost full page photo on the front page of the local section of the Saturday's Herald.  Here are a few  more shots from our outdoor play date:

Taylor got her ball back :)
Miriam after enjoying a MumMum for snack
and to make the picture perfect, the drool and jellies


Life on Surrey Lane said...

These are the sweetest pictures ever! I can't belive I missed the picture in the Herald - do you still have a copy of it? You should post on your blog for the memory's sake!

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