Friday, March 4, 2011

The art of craftiness...and a shoutout to some!

I'm fairly right brained. From a young age, music was my way of expression, from dance, to piano, then to violin. I always wanted to be artistic in other ways though. I wanted to be able to draw, I wanted to be able to make "cute" posters for the upcoming school/church events, I wanted to be a graphic designer.  There's something about it - I can almost visualize all of the arsty things, but I just can't follow through with them. I must admit there's a bit of jealousy for folks that can do this. Like, my friend Ellie and her bowties that she makes (and now has her own BOOMING business!), or my friend Sara who gets to do too many fun things with her sewing machine. Sometimes I just wish I had an artsty project that turned out fantastic.
But, alas, I'm just musically inclined....until today!
I've discovered my new sense of "creativity": making homemade baby food. I know, I know, doesn't sound too creative, but it sort of felt like it was.  Another friend of mine, Alice, gifted me this book a few weeks back before we decided to start Miriam on solids (which is a long story, but although she's almost 8 months, we have only be doing solids for a solid week and a half now). I knew that this would be one of the only opportunities that I could actually make her baby food.  The next time there's a new baby, I'm sure I'll be busy! So I wanted to take advantage, and at least for a bit, claim the right as the preparer of her food.
This morning, my creative juices were flowing and I got in the kitchen to prepare butternut squash, carrots, apples, and pears.  Within 2 hours, I had a vision and saw through it. Now I've got at least a dozen or more servings of each fruit and veggie.

And the best part: the carrots and apples were free (thanks to Earthfare's Welcome Home and weekly coupon specials). The squash was only $2.34 and the 2 pears were about $1.70. So - 48+ servings of homemade organic baby food in 2 hours for just about $4. Who wouldn't want to be creative like that?


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