Thursday, December 23, 2010

deep thoughts

I have a sleeping baby, and am away from the laundry that needs to be done, the gifts that still need to be wrapped, the sausage balls that need to be cooked, and the cookies that need to be baked (and eaten), I guess one might say that I'm "bored" GASP!  Random thoughts that have been in my mind today:

- I can't wait to put on my running shoes and run in temperatures greater than 55 degrees
- I miss speaking Spanish
- Miriam is no longer an infant, now that we're almost celebrating her half birthday!
- We'll have made our 25th doctor visit after today (that's a preemie for ya!)
- shocked that we're less than 2 months away from the 2nd anniversary of mom's death
- spending money on car maintenance is so overrated...and so is spending it on appliances
- hasn't hallmark learned that most people buy Christmas cards in bulk? that's why the shelves are still packed with them on Christmas eve, eve (I know, because I had a bagillion to choose from today, since I ran out of my bulk ones and needed one final one to send)
- can't wait to see if Santa brings me an orange and a grapefruit this year
- I would be giddy if indeed we got snow on Christmas
- I'm totally blessed to have a baby that sleeps 12 hours at night - and has been doing that for almost 3 months
- I am blessed with the privilege of celebrating such a glorious season with a family of believers
- I am actually looking forward to doing the taxes, so much so that I've already started compiling the papers and computing some of my deductions :)

It's amazing how many thoughts fill your mind when you've got a spare moment on your hands. What are some of your random thoughts of the day?


Life on Surrey Lane said...

Love this post - you should do more of these!

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