Monday, November 22, 2010

Nana's Early Christmas gift...

Jeremy's mom has always had a thing for gifts. Gift giving is definitely one of her love languages. Even from the days when we were dating, she has treated me (the daughter in law) with the same love and has given many a gifts to Jeremy and I both. Typically, each Thanksgiving, she'll give us the latest Hallmark ornament (the lady really should take stock in Hallmark) that somehow relates to our life. The year we got married, it was a "first Christmas" ornament, then the year we bought our house, it was a toaster (housewarming/first Christmas in new house), I'm guessing this year will be something about "baby's first Christmas" So, I decided to get a little crafty myself, and return to her a wonderful gift that she'll *hopefully* treasure.
Now, I might add that I am an artist - a musician. I don't do the crafty things. Part of my brain can visualize it, but I can't execute the idea. So, I end up with something that looks cute only because it looks like a 4 month old did it. Thankfully, that's the way this one was.

I was inspired by my friend Sara who recently did this onesie for her sweet McCord for Thanksgiving. So I got my materials together: white (clean and ironed) hanky, fabric paints, and baby feet and hands.
I painted Miriam's bottom right foot with brown fabric paint to maek the reindeer head, then painted each palm on her hands for the antlers. Now, surely there's a better way to do this, because the product of the handprints, well, don't quite look like reindeer antlers...but they'll work. I took some red fabric paint to give my cute little reindeer a nose.
Then, taking a fabric pen, I wrote (with very un-neat handwriting and off center - I had to make it look homemade :)) "Nana's Little Reindeer" for the finished product:

We can't wait to give this to her on Thanksgiving Day. I hope Nana will use this as a cute towel decoration in her kitchen this holiday season. I hope she likes it!


The Redmond Fam said...

Oh, Amanda! This is adorable! Please post about her reaction when she opens up your gift. This is so sweet.

ps - I miss Kindermusik...

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