Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I am a mother of....

a perpetually sick baby.
They told me it would be this way.
Being born 6 weeks early definitely has us living on the edge of our seat, wondering what is around the corner. Although they ran all of the tests, and have checked everything on Miriam over and over, it never fails that something just "comes up."  My debit card has been swiped for way too many copays in the past 4 months and today it got 3 of them!!  We've also had our share of $15 prescriptions at the walgreens. The poor pharmacist there even knows my address by heart. should i be concerned about that?
First it was the jaundice that turned into a 2 month ordeal, then a sinus infection, then GI issues and now an upper respiratory infection.  Miriam really does take after her Nana (my mom) and me...we were totally cursed with sinus cavitites that just can't take too much. Miriam is now on her 3rd round of antibiotics since she was born to help with these stupid infections.  Those poor people at the doctors office have come to love us - from our daily visits during Miriam's first month of life, her check ups, and her returns every 2 weeks. Some of them already know Miriam's birthdate by heart from when I call it in, and one even recognizes my voice on the phone. Sad.
I loved having our little girl join us early, but these 4 months have already sounded true of what they told us: "she's going to be more vulnerable to ANYTHING and EVERYTHING" and "she'll probably have some problems and digression along the way" Great-just what every parent wants to hear.

Sorry for the vent - it was just one of those days. 


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