Thursday, September 23, 2010

Miriam's First Beach Trip

Our family has been blessed with an outlet for my beach needs: when my grandmother remarried when I was in 8th grade, she married a man who had a beach house. It's in NMB in a quiet little residential (retired) neighborhood across from Hwy 17. It's close enough and far enough away that we get the best of both worlds. For many years, that's where we've gone - no more hotel/condos for us! The downside is that we have to clean up and vacuum the place before we leave (and a lot of times when we get there too), but it is nice not to have to pay for anything. Jeremy and I have had the opportunity for the past four years to get there at least twice a year - the week before Memorial Day (aka, Black Biker Week) and the long weekend of Labor Day. This year was neat because our friends, The Whites joined us for the Memorial Day trip in May when I was 7 months pregnant, and then Dad, Sis and the girls joined our new family of three in September. This was the first vacation I have spent with my sister in almost 15 years!!!! My, how time changes things! Here are some photos from our shoot on the beach right before leaving. Funny story first: We had dressed Miriam in a "USA" onesie with a cute red skirt for the photos and as soon as we found a parking spot and I was getting her out of the car seat, we had quite the experience. Miriam's ENTIRE diaper and clothes were soaked and spoiled - almost every square inch - in poop. She had been on an antibiotic and experiencing a little diarrhea and when I say little I mean A LOT!!! So, we had to change her from her cute supportive Labor day outfit to a simple onesie. But, they were cute pictures anyway :)


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