Friday, August 27, 2010

Playtime and responsibility

A sweet picture of Miriam with her eyes open.

Today we introduced Miriam to her ocean neptune play mat and she had a blast!

and then she got tired and slept.

Jeremy was home today, and since Miriam has been "cleared" to venture out into the real world, we took a family outing (although Miriam has been to the salon to meet Mrs. Jennifer, to church for her first Sunday, to Old Town Bistro for lunch and Target with neighbor Terri, and to BUNCO with the girls...). So, we got everybody ready and full - then headed to......Bilo and Aldi! I know, we're living on the wild side. But, with such a time frame, and the need for food to fill our pantry, that's where we ended up.

On a serious note, I've been thinking and preparing for Sunday at church - it's Rally Day/Promotion Sunday. Possibly the most important day that I prepare for in my job. We recognize and show appreciation for all of our teachers, encourage the children to learn in Sunday School, and challenge the adults to be leaders in the church. It's a big day, and I have a lot to be thankful for in sharing about the upcoming year. As I have been thinking about all this, something has been on my heart, especially since the birth of Miriam. I need to be praying for my own child. I mean, pray INTENTIONALLY with scripture on a regular basis. A friend of mine visited a few weeks back and gifted us the most precious thing: a framed piece of paper with Jeremiah 32:39-40, making it personal with Miriam's name. I have set it on her dresser, and each time she nurses in her nursery, I pray that for my daughter. It's a powerful thing and I've come to memorize it, so that I can pray it EVERYTIME I nurse her. It's beautiful. It's a responsibility that I'm honored to have - won't you spend some time praying for your child (or your child to be...)?


The Redmond Fam said...

What a great way to spend your time nursing! It makes so much sense to pray during that time, as it is such a sacred time between mom and child. Thank you so much for the fun toy for McCord and Good Night Moon - such a classic - we will enjoy both immensely!

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