Saturday, April 24, 2010


I LOVE projects! They keep me busy and the end result is always pleasing - at least most of the time. Of course, I always have a different vision for what actually comes out, but somehow I managed to pull it off.

The past month, I've had two projects (and really only two projects) on my mind. Garden and nursery.

We have this cute little area beside our house, by our 1/2 wrap-around porch that has been totally in need of some love since we moved in. when we first bought the house, there were these overgrown shrubs that were hidious. So, we unrooted them and got completely rid of them. Last summer, we tried planting a few things that obviously didn't like living in the soil that was there. There were also 4 hydrangea bushes that looked wonderful last year, but I was bound and determined to get blooms on all four this year. The only thing that looked good about this area that we don't have to work to make it look good is the clematis - it's a flowering vine that has blooms that pop open around mid-April. It's georgeous!

So this spring, we made a garden. One Thursday, I decided that it was what I wanted to do that weekend, that Friday I picked out everything, and Saturday morning we went to buy all that we needed (bricks and "enough" soil mainly). Jeremy did such a great job putting it all together - then we realized we only had enough soil to fill about 1/4 of the two weeks later we got to finish our project. All the soil was purchased, plants and flowers were added, then we topped it off with some mulch. Since I'm awful at taking the "before" pictures, here is at least an "after" photo to show you his handywork:

The nursery was our other project that I insisted on doing as soon as possible! We had to paint the room, clean the carpets, move furniture, pick up furniture, and get the bedding all before I would be quiet. I at least helped with the trim work of painting, and I picked out everything (that's harder work that painting, I'm sure of it!)

The paint was almost the easiest thing, thanks to the folks who lived in the house before. They had the great idea of painting a light green - not blue, not pink....very gender neutral, yet still cute for baby. So, Fresh Guacamole it was, and at only $15.72 for the ONE gallon that we needed to complete the room, it was a great deal!

After painting, Jeremy spent one afternoon cleaning the carpet. Fortunately, the little nursery warranted a whole house cleaning that day! For 20 bucks, the carpets were clean! Totatlly rent one from Home Depot the next time you need to clean carpets and can do it yourself!

We got the bedding that Tuesday after, and the 3 amazing men in my life (Jeremy, dad, and Bruce (j's dad) helped get the furniture on Friday. By that evening, it was all set up. I have finished the letters for the name to go above the crib (although we aren't sharing her name, her initials are MRG), and I'm going to make some curtains and a bookshelf for all of the many books I hope she'll get :)


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