Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Wind

I now am the closest I can be to my mother...all because of a pair of rocking chairs that my wonderful husband assembled this afternoon.

When we lived away from the house, mom would always give us sweet, emotional and sappy "goodbyes" as we headed out the door to go back to school, or in my sister's case, back to her house in Georgia. She'd always tell us "when you hear the windchimes, know that I'm thinkin' 'bout ya." I didn't always get the chance to hear chimes on Erskine's campus, but whenever I visited my "home away from home" I could hear them, if there was just enough wind blowing through them.

This past Christmas, Jeremy scored big points with my gift. Timely as it was, a nice set of windchimes, with a cute little house, and a leaf hanging as the catalyst for making sound. We immediately hung them on our porch and went on with our way of things, letting them get tossed in the wind, and stilled by the calmness of the days.

I even remember in those first moments after mom breathed her last breath, hearing those chimes that hung out the window on her front porch. It was like mom saying "it's okay now, just know that I'm thinkin' 'bout ya." Some folks might think I was crazy actually enjoying the constant clanging that those things can make, but that day, I couldn't have been filled with more joy. In the days that have past since then, there are occasional moments that I hear our chimes blowing, but without the help of any wind - almost as if they're blowing completely on their own.
Now that we have rockers (our first and only bit of furniture purchased since we bought the house in September), I can sit on the porch and listen to them clang all day, knowing that my mommy is thinkin' 'bout me. Joy, in the wind, is completely mine!

This wind that blows, and sometime doesn't blow, yet still reminds me and brings me close to my mother, is kind of like faith. In the Bible, faith is explained as something that is unseen and unheard, yet is still there. My mom is definitely not here in the physical sense, and nor does she speak (although I still hear her voice in my heart), but yet she is there. She brings an understanding of my Heavenly Father - although he's not physically at my side, He is holding me in his right hand.

I'm so glad we have these rockers, the chimes, and the presence of God right on our front porch. If you don't believe, just come for a visit, and you'll quickly discover!


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